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EP 86: Destiny 2 Beta Impressions

July 21, 2017

MHG EP 86: Destiny 2 Beta Impressions Recorded on Thursday, July 20, 2017.

This. Is. Beta!

Everyone has had the opportunity to try out the Destiny 2 beta now, and we’re no exception! There’s a lot to talk about, so prepare your coffee, get comfy at your desk (or on da couch!) and join us for our Destiny 2 Beta impressions.

We’re talking about the strike, the return of infusion, mod slots on gear, and perks on armor. Ability cooldowns make an appearance in nearly every conversation about Destiny 2 these days so, yes, we’re touching on that quite a bit as well.

We’ll share the results of a couple polls we took on Twitter, then get right into your MANY #WOTT submissions. You guessed it. More Destiny 2 beta! We’ve got questions and comments on mods, the complaining Destiny community, ability cooldowns (who would have guessed!?) the recycling of content in Destiny 1, and much more. Seriously, there is more.

Thanks as always to our listeners and fans for joining us during this special time. A new era of Destiny is right around the corner and we’ll be right there with you, waiting 7 minutes for our supers to pop so we can shove an arc bo staff up Gary’s ass! It’s time to become legend, guardians.

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